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"It’s the largest wealth-creation opportunity of our lifetime."

Jigar Shah | US Department of Energy


In global energy transition investment in 2021


Increase in energy transition investment 2020-2021


Global climate tech equity investment in 2021

Build wealth, for both you and the planet

In 2021, $920 billion was invested globally in climate solutions such as renewable power and electric vehicles. However, historically only institutional investors have had access to climate investment opportunities that produce both attractive returns and meaningful impacts on the environment.

Until now.  Intention makes it possible for everyone to be a climate impact investor.

made easy

Your investment options aren’t limited to public markets anymore. We make it easy and convenient to invest in a portfolio of private climate projects, allowing you to reduce risk and hedge against inflation.

Professionally managed investments

Our team of climate experts identifies project opportunities and uses advanced data analytics to choose the best candidates for investment.  This combination of people and technology maximizes your potential for attractive long-term returns.

Transparent impact

Know exactly what climate projects you’ve helped launch and see their climate impact through our mobile app. We monitor each project in your portfolio and provide realtime reports on performance and environmental impact. 

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